Report Online Extremist Material
in Pakistan.

If you need to provide supporting documents through this form, we only accept .pdf, .png and .jpg formats to a total maximum size of 10mb.

  • Please review the details of your report and if you are satisfied, press the submit button below.
  • If you do not wish to submit a report you can cancel this form, which will erase all information you have entered.
You can use this form to Report online material promoting terrorism or extremism on websites, social media, pictures or videos.

You can report things like:
  • articles, images, speeches or videos that promote terrorism or encourage violence and extremism.
  • websites made by terrorist or extremist organisations.
  • videos and pictures of terrorist attacks.
You can make your report anonymously without leaving your name and contact details.
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Our Vision

Surfsafe vision is to make internet safe from extremism.

Our Mission

Surfsafe mission is to counter online extremism in Pakistan, map and eliminate extremist content in Pakistani cyber-space and help victims of extremism by regaining space for the values of moderation, love and fraternity in cyber-sphere through community participation.

About Us

Surfsafe is an online reporting portal for Pakistanis to report extremist online-content freely, securely and anonymously. Surfsafe was lanuched in 2016 as an initiative by National Counter Terrorism Authority Pakistan - NACTA under TATHEER (تطہیر) drive to eleminate extremism and Terrorism from Pakistan.

Surfsafe Pakistan is developed and managed by Tier3 Cyber Security Services - Pakistan.

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